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This website (hereinafter referred to as the Site.®) is operated by STRATTON PEST CONTROL LIMITED, (hereinafter referred to as SPCL®). Any persons who access the Site shall read the following terms of use. Please agree and accept that the terms of use listed below may change without notice.


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Using of Cookie

To provide a better service for those users that visit the Site and for access analysis, SPCL® may implement the use of "cookie" technology. For example, when a user visits the Site, "cookie" is sent to the user's browser. By this, SPCL® may serve service information out to the user's browser, etc. You may set your browser to reject the acceptance of cookies or delete cookies if you would like.

The cookie cannot be used independently to identify a specific individual. Therefore, SPCL recognizes it is not personal information, however, SPCL will deem cookies to be personal information if either is incorporated and used together with personal information.]Privacy Policy^.

Statistics and Analysis Tool

SPCL uses the Statistics and Analysis Tool ®Google Analytics® provided by Google Inc. for monitoring website usage. Information used in Google Analytics is not include anything personally identifiable. We use these statistics and analysis data for the improvement of user-friendliness and website quality.

Privacy Policy

STRATTON PEST CONTROL LIMITED. (hereinafter referred to as SPCL®) respect personal information]following the definition below^, and protect, manage, treat it carefully with sufficient considering.

Definition of Personal Information

SPCL recognizes that Personal Information is information that can identify a specific individual by the description or comparing it with other information.

Acquisition of Personal Information

SPCL acquires personal information (name, company name, phone number, e-mail address, company address, etc.) by the proper way (website form, e-mail, telephone, orality, letter, etc.) when you contact us or we respond to it, or when we provide service to you, etc.

Purpose of Acquisition and Utilization of Personal Information

SPCL announces in advance the purpose of the utilization of personal information when we acquire it. We acquire it within the extent required for the purposes below.

  1. Response to customer is inquiry
  2. Providing service to customers
  3. Sending merchandise
  4. Sending service information and questionnaires

Secure Management of Personal Information

SPCL keeps the accuracy and currency of personal information and manages it in safety. And we make an ongoing effort to prevent loss, falsification, leak of personal information on the technological and organizational aspects.

Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, Erasing SPCL will respond quickly when you require us to disclose, correct, suspense using, erase personal information within a reasonable extent under the law.

Personal Information Provision and Outsourcing to Third Parties

SPCL will not provide your personal information to third parties without your agreement. However, in case we outsource part or all our operation, we may provide your personal information to contractors without your agreement within the extent permitted by law. If we outsource, we select the contractor on condition that it has a sufficient level for the protection of personal information and exercise necessary and appropriate supervision of contractors.

Using of Statistical Information

SPCL may use the information on service usage and statistics which is processed not to be identified, individual. In this case, the copyright of processed data belongs to SPCL.

Changing of Privacy Policy

SPCL continues reconsidering and improving this Privacy Policy. We may change Privacy Policy without notice.

Contacting Us

Should you have any requests (including Opt-out), inquiries or comments to our Privacy Policy or Practice, please email us at, contact our Customer Services Officer at 34828110. In general circumstances, your requests or inquiries will be handled within 14 working days after receipt of the same and verification of your identity.