What Rats Do?
Rats pose various threats, such as contaminating utensils with faeces, damaging products and materials, and spreading pathogenic bacteria when they occur in restaurants, food factories, buildings, warehouses, etc.
Rats Control Process

Trap-catching, entry blockage, glue boards or rodenticide installed station will be provided for optimal controlling. (Baits are poisonous and must not be in contact with humans or pets.)

We follow the below measures to tackle rodent problems in urban area such as Hong Kong.

Advanced traps for rats in cities
Currently, the most effective technique for controlling rodents in urban areas is rodent killing with baits.
Prevent invasion by locating the route of entering
By using a night-vision camera, the route of entry of the mouse is specified, and structural enforcement can then be carried out to prevent new invasion to facilities, i.e. closing the entrance.
Quick and careful treatment of dead mice
When the extermination effect comes out and carcasses are found, removal of the remain is performed quickly and carefully.
On-site Visits Before Services
30 Days of Maintenance
Low Toxicity Highly Effective Solution
Qualified Pest Control Professionals