Sterilizing Service
Sterilizing Service Process
Kills coronavirus including WARS , SARS and MERS
High-temperature Disinfection
Professional purification personnel sterilizing service will first apply high-temperature internal deep disinfection purification, dissolving viruses, bacteria, and organic compounds. Disinfection specifically focuses on wardrobes, drawers, platform beds, storage spaces, spaces between clothing and items inside cabinet units as well as the gap between cabinets and cabinets (walls).
Cleaning up residues after disinfection
Technicians will clean up your flat so as to clear residues after carrying out the thorough disinfection.
ULV Micro Mist Sterilizing for Epidemic Prevention
Technicians will conduct ULV Micro Mist sterilizing in your flat. The treatment covers all the areas and provide a continuous protection.
Reliable Profession
Comparing with bleach, ozone and alcohol, Medical Grade Epidemic Prevention and Deep Sterilizing Service perform much higher sterilizing and deodorization effect with relatively low corrosiveness and consumption proportion
After-sales Guarantee
Low Toxicity Highly Effective Solution
Qualified Pest Control Professionals