What Termite Do?
Termite Control Process
We will apply Sentricon's termite medicament to the route/tunnel and nest. Once the worker termite take the bait, they will bring it back to the nest to feed other members of the community. After identifying the location of termites, treatment will be done by percolating insecticide and placing baits, hence effectively annihilate the whole termites nests with no harm to humans and animals.
Installing traps
Detectors (food source) are installed around the building /premise. Authorized personnel will check the traps regularly. In the picture, we have installed an IG Station below ground surface in the garden. The green cover of this detector can prevent the exposure of the pesticide to the outside world, thus prevent humans and animals from reaching the medicine.
Applying baits
Worker ants will scour continuously and irregularly in all directions. When the worker termite meets the detector, we will replace the detector with Recruit II Bait. Due to its habits, termites will begin a 'Self-Recruitment Procedure', leading other termites to feed on the bait.
Eliminating the nest
After the worker termites eat the bait, they will bring the medicine back to the nest to feed other members. Hexaflumuron (an insect growth regulator) in the bait can stop the molting process of termite, thus eliminating the entire community eventually.
Evaluation and Protection
After the termite community is completely removed, the bait will be replaced with a detector to start the protection phase. Our technicians will check the system regularly (once in three months).
On-site Visits Before Services
Half-year of Maintenance
Low Toxicity Highly Effective Solution
Qualified Pest Control Professionals